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Who is Peach?  Before 2017, I was just a mother and wife born in Newark, NJ in the late 70’s.    Today, I  am Branded!!  I proudly carry the name “Peach” that was given to me by my supporters.  A fitting name for a Garden State Girl!!  I’ve blossomed into a LGBTQ+ Activist and Public figure. You may not know me but one day through hard work you will know Peach and the Peach Ent Brand!!  Manifesting...

                                                                                           -Peach -

Since 2017, Peach Ent’s (Formley Known as Something Peach)  mission is to create dynamic inclusive social experiences for people of all races, orientations and identities.  Currently, we host Lifestyle Parties, yearly events such as Masquerade and Mingle as well as other creatively themed social gatherings held throughout the year.  We also assist other business owners to create the vibe at their social events by providing rentals and contracting services.

Do you Network with other Promoters and Business Owners?

Sure!!  It’s as simple as contacting my Management Team to schedule a zoom.



Besides parties, Do you offer other services?

Yes, We do!!  In addition to our dynamic events we also offer the following services:


-Linen Rentals (Table and Chair Cloths)

-Party Planning  (Contracting with our vendors on your behalf such as Caterers, Event Decor, Entertainment, DJ's)

-Hosting (Your Parties)

-Promotions (From Banner Placements at Events, Swag bags, Logo Placements, Social Media Shares with My Self/Affiliates and more)


Check out Peach Designs and Rentals for Details and Pricing Schedule 

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