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Who is Peach?  Before 2017, I was just a mother and wife.  Today, I  am Branded!!   I am a LGBTQ+ Public figure. You may not know me but one day through hard work you will know Peach  and the Peach Ent Brand!!  Manifesting...

                                                                                           -Peach -

No, My name isn't Peach it's actually Peirrce Mccoy.  I proudly carry that name because my supporters crowned me "Peach". Fitting name for a Garden State Girl, I was born in Newark, Nj in the late 70's. I moved to Delaware in 2015 looking to build a new life and that's what I did!!  Thanks to your interest, The Peach Ent. Brand continues to expand from LGBTQ Events, Peach Radio Show, online Boutique (Peirrce) and now I Am Me Inc (LGBTQ non-profit).  I am also the First NAACP LGBTQ+ Chair.   I am grateful you continue to support me.


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