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Thank You for Inquiring about my Brand!!!  Peach Ent. (formally known as Something Peach) is an LGBTQIA Entertainment Company founded in 2017 by myself (Peach Plug) and my former business parter Delaware Dell.  Our dream was to bring LGBTQIA Events to the Delaware Region.  Since Delaware Dell departure in 2018, I re-focused and renamed the brand to Peach Ent.  My new mission was to Inform, Educate and Create Inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA+ and Allies.  The parties could not achieve this alone.  I had to re-invent and expand the Brand.   Peach Ent. grew rapidly resulting in my newest  Business  Ventures listed below:

Peach Radio Show- An LGBTQIA Podcast:

"The Peach Radio Show" is hosted by myself Peirrce (Peach Plug) and Guest Co-Host from the LGBTQ+ Community.  It's an interactive internet show that both educates and discusses  issues Homosexuals face daily.   All topics are selected from Social Media Timelines, Current Events and discussed "Live" with Viewer Participation.  My reach is growing!!  

Peirrce- Online Accessory Boutique:


Be Unique!!  Be You!!  Peirrce is an online Accessory Store that gives your look a boost.  I sell both custom made and imports from all over the world.  Embellish your look!!  Purchase from my Online Store Today!! 

Plug Studio Network- Media Production Company

We are Evolving!!  In 2020, A collaboration between Peach Ent. and Smack E. N. T. resulted in a Streaming Media Platform called Plug Studio Network.  The Network gave me an opportunity to expand the Peach Ent. Brand as well as help other content creators to realize their dream in Media.  Together we changed the look, feel and capabilities of live streaming. We also offer Marketing and Promotion Packages for Artists/Business Owners.

I Am Me Inc.-LGBTQ Non-profit

I Am Me Inc. was formed to offer safe social spaces with programs that uplift and unify the LGBTQ community.  To show them through action that you are not alone, You are loved by a community of LGBTQ+ and Allies.  A space where you can "Be You" and build positive social connections.  The Board at I Am Me Inc. believe together we can heal support and collectively eliminate discrimination one person at a time by educating them about our community.
Peach Ent. continues to diversify in 2022. 
In addition to the brands listed above, Peach Ent. will also switch gears in 2022 and offer services to LGBTQ+  Business Owners Exclusively!!  Providing Advertising and Promotions assistance as well as events further assisting LGBTQ+ business ventures.  
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