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You've Been Invited by a Friend

First All Girls Event of the Year/Coming October 2022!!  Are you registered?

What is I Love Women!!


I Love Women is a series of events for all types of Women who love Women platonically or romantically open to Heterosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Non-Binary, Sapiosexual, and Poly Women!! Basically women from all walks of life looking to build bonds in a safe space.   At this party you might find a partner, meet friends or come and mingle outside of your own orientation.   Sometimes, we have special guests that will come perform or speak at the venue.  


Catered food and wine is included in ticket pricing.   You cannot enter the premises unless you are dressed to impress.  The location changes per event so check your email.  This is a private event so taking photos and videos isn’t permitted without attendees permission.  Please register below to receive your invite via email to our next event.  Completely filling out the information below helps us with our seating and possible game night arrangements.  It also helps with our ticket giveaways to events occurring in Delaware and surrounding cities.


This event is hosted by Peach Ent. sometimes in collaboration with other Female owned Businesses.  If you’d like to collaborate please schedule a consult located on my  home page, Consult fee is $25.  The amount will be added to event if both parties decide to move forward or refunded if not required.

Please Register Below!!  Use Coupon Code GIRLS5 for $5 Discount!!  Ticket Link Should Follow!!

Are You:
Why Are you Attending?

The vision of Women Loving Women is to cultivate relationships between women of all walks of life. This event is a safe space to network, build friendships and find a life partner.

I hope you support by coming out to the events.


All of the Women Loving Women events are catered by DJ  XXplosion...  Caterer for several organizations throughout Delaware!!

Let's Network!!!  Got a Small Business that aligns with I Love Women Events, Set up a consult and let's chat!! Email me:

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