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I’m getting closer to my New Brand Launch P-Originals (Accessaries Boutique) happening March 1st!! I’m wondering do I need a Brand Ambassador and what would that person embody. Is it enough for me to represent and/or vocalize my Brand. Do I need assistance? The answer is both yes and no. I can be the face of the brand and be effective but it will not emphasize my mantra of Being You!!

Being a cis-gender woman in society isn’t emphasizing “Be You”!! Keep it real!!; Its easy to visually be a cis-gender woman as long as you don’t share you‘re LGBTQ+ or morbidly obese (even then you might be good) Now I can try the Plus size angle but I don’t want to go there either... Maybe a non-binary person whose very androgynous. An effeminate Gay Male? I’m totally unsure... Is there one person that can give me all listed above Plus Size, Non-Binary, Androgynous... I want someone whose the walking representation of F. Social Norms. Lol. I will continue to look. It’s important that my Brand is advertised as being all Inclusive and promotes Self Expression.

I will figure it out,

-Peach Plug-

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