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Fuck Social Norms

The first episode of F. Social Norms entitled, “The Art of Head” is almost complete!! I thank everyone involved in the project especially the speakers for sharing their stories. This will be my first attempt at producing a series, special thanks to my Videographer Anthony M. for being informative and patient. I can’t wait to receive feedback. Honest reviews will help me to improve the next Episode. If you have 0 clue as to what I’m speaking about, I encourage you to check out video below for information about the series.

I’m excited to announce we are working on Episode 2... Casting Info. below👇🏾👇🏾, I hope I hear from you.

Yes, I’m always doing something. I stay busy working on my brands. The best way to support is to share my content.

Welp, Back to working on these Brands!! I hope you enjoyed my blog.

-Peach Plug-

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