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I Thought A Bytch Said Something

Appropriate title for this Blog... The only Bytch that actually is nagging and talking trash about most people is ourselves. We often magnify our thoughts onto others because it’s way too hard

to admit those negative thoughts are our own subconscious. So, A Bytch did say something and your addressing your mentality usually on Social Media. Lol. It’s all good, I had to check myself because I almost made a “Bytch Said Something Post.“ I caught myself and asked why? I was feeling a bit upset about my FB pages being deleted, the slow movement of P-Originals and my weight. So, I thought a Bytch said I wasn’t going to do well Or I wasn’t dope. I had to take a moment and check myself.

I am!! When my subconscious tries to pull some shit, I pull out my I am Mantra. I am a millionaire. I am a successful Business Owner. I am a Gorgeous BBW. I am!!

The miserable Bytch in my head is not welcome here. She will not be making subliminal post for attention. She will not have me feeling some type of way about folks. She Damn sure won’t destroy the relationships I’ve built or my Businesses. I freed myself from that heifer. I’m back to doing me.

Welp back to working on my brands... I hope you enjoy this Blog Entry and learned from my Bytch moment.

-Peach Plug-

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