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LGBTQ+ Are You Scared!!

The world is changing rapidly!! Biden‘s pen is swift and determined to enforce Equality for the LGBTQ+ community. My community!! Why am I skeptical about my daily experience changing. Here is why; I’m concerned the enforced societal changes would provoke Anti-LGBTQ+ Vigilantes to become more violent and/or aggressive. I wish Pre- Covid, the LGBTQ+ community would have united and pushed for protections for our Trans-Brothers/Sisters sending a Clear message not to fuck with us. Instead we did and do nothing; further, weakening the worlds view of us being a united Family of queer chaos ready to tear the US apart for our own.

What happened?! I think us passable LGBTQ+ got way too comfortable living under our Binary (Male or Female presenting) shields. Forgetting, we live in a social media age; where one post of your significant other or a night at a LGBTQ+ bar can cost you your life or make you a target. I say get ready!! If our Non-binary friends or associates aren’t sympathetic or plain don’t give a shit understand why?! Being Cis-gendered has it's privileges; I fear those shields won't be enough. I pray my thoughts are just that and our transition into a LGBTQ+ inclusive society will be smooth.

Either way, I believe the LGBTQ+ community needs to unite. That's My Opinion!! I fear the changes but I'm also excited!!

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts... Back to working on my brands!!

-Peach Plug-

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