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Masquerade and Mingle

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I Love Women is a series of events for all types of Women who love Women platonically or romantically open to Heterosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Non-Binary, Sapiosexual, and Poly Women!! Basically women from all walks of life looking to build bonds in a safe space. At this party you might find a partner, meet friends or come and mingle outside of your own orientation. Sometimes, we have special guests that will come perform or speak at the venue.

Catered food and wine is included in ticket pricing. You cannot enter the premises unless you are dressed to impress. The location changes per event so check your email. This is a private event so taking photos and videos isn’t permitted without attendees permission. Please register below to receive your invite via email to our next event.

Click Link:

Hope to see you there!!


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