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Pride Events I’m Supporting!!

Pride is in a few days!! So many events in multiple states, what should I support?!

Welp!! I’m supporting events that are inclusive and feel like safe spaces; avoiding all pandering events. I ‘m black, LGBTQ+ and female. The likelihood of acceptance of my complete identity at an event in Delaware is almost non-existent. So, I’m very cautious of what I support . It seems lately a lot of these business entities are catering to marginalized communities; changing logos, advertising and/or using poc representation as if their genuinely wanting to be inclusive. Is it for the additional grant money? Or are they afraid the community will no longer support because of the lack of POC involvement; what ever it is, I’m not beat. I know whose creating actual safe spaces and very happy to see the creation of so many new Pride/LGBTQ+ events. So here is my list of events that I may support:


I will say this!! If you don’t see me there you know why!! If you don’t see me mentioning the organization. You know why!! If you don’t see me in photos with anyone from the business entity!! You know why!!

To know me is to understand that I love all; I’m intolerant when it comes to superficial non-sense!!

I‘m looking forward to celebrating Pride with people with accepting hearts,

Peach 🍑

If your looking for a Celebration through Education Event check out I Am Me Inc’s Me Seminar!!

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