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Every blog eventually goes into relationships correct... So I’m going to share my middle aged thoughts about it. I’m a person whose been hitched twice; widowed, ditched, cheated on, beat on, lied too, mentally abused etc. All of those experiences I’ve been through and I still believe in healthy partnerships; its just not in the cards for me. My focus is ownership of a successful Black Owned Business. I know it’s going to take time; wondering, How much of that do I have left? My children are mostly grown. Soooo, I’ve decided to take a chance on myself.

I do have a caveat. If I’ve managed to obtain 2 million liquid ( almost 1/2 a million would go towards paying my home off) I’d reconsider marriage or a formal live in relationship but that person has to be able to match me. Otherwise, I am good having a basic relationship. Partnerships require time and giving of yourself; most people are needy as fuck. The time spent catering to their basic needs could be spent figuring out this fortune. lol. No, I’m not superficial; I’ve decided to think big!! Obtain wealth for myself, I deserve it!! You deserve it!! I’ve put so many people’s needs before my own. I can’t do it anymore!! I know a lot of you woman understand even if you don’t like this post. So, I lifted my standards in order for a suitor to enter a progressive relationship with me.

I hope this post shed some insight into my relationship thoughts and have those thinking of dating me to rethink approaching;

I’m sure you are a beautiful person but I’m not ready. I got a fortune to build.

-Peach Plug-

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