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Change is possible when a group of like minded individuals come together for a common cause. The Visionary Series is an inclusive safe space for Women from diverse backgrounds looking to network for Social, Business and Personal change. Our open source platform will discuss topics and provide a variety of resources for Women.

On June 29, we are hosting our first Visionary Brunch discussing the importance of being your “Sisters Back-up” and how we can effectively support each other. This will be a three part Seminar filled with information, group participation and Female speakers.  We hope you join us!!

Topic : My Sisters should be my Backup!!  Part 1

We'll be discussing judgement!!  Are you ready to share your experience?!  Were you prejudged by your sister and it was a false assessment?  Have you ever judged another female based of their looks or demeanor?

Get your tickets!!  Brunch and Mimosas are included.  Female vendors will be available for purchases.  Free giveaways!! A Portion of the Proceeds from the Visionary Event will be donated to supporting Female based non-profits.


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