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Ozempic/Week 2

Okay, here is February 19, 2024 weigh in:

Height 5, 6

Weight 264lbs (6 lbs down)

I made it through week one without any adverse symptoms from ozempic. Noticeable effects of the drug are a reduction in stomach capacity/appetite and alleged mood swings per my partner. 😒 I don't agree, lol! On day two, I could only tolerate 4 meals a day each about 1/2 of a saucer size using a tablespoon to measure my portions. For example, my dinner consists of a tablespoon of meat, a side, and a vegetable. Believe it or not, I'm full after all meals with zero cravings or space for snacks. On Tuesday, I took the second 0.25 dose via injection at 7:15p without issue. I'm feeling great, sleeping well every night, and full of energy every morning. Check out this video entitled Ozempic Run for a good laugh!

Next week, I'll be sharing my lab results taken on Saturday, February 17, 2024. I’m a little uneasy about one of my lab results. Pray for me, I hope Dr. Patel (primary physician) doesn't discontinue my injection. I'll find out sometime during the week.

6lbs down and counting….

Thanks for reading,

Peirrce “Peach”

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