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Weight Loss Journey/Starting Week One

Excuse the fat but I had to share my first injection to show how easy it is to administer ozempic. I will be chronicling my weight loss journey sharing updates via my blog and on my Relationships Aren't Easy live stream viewable on my Peach Ent channel on youtube. I'll try to be as transparent as possible. If you have questions feel free to ask them in the comments, I'll respond asap.

Okay, here is February 12, 2024 weigh in:

Height 5, 6

Weight 270lbs

Yikes!!!!!!! I am definitely pleasantly plump. 😆. So, the first prescribed 0.25 dose of ozempic was administered abdominally at 7:15p last night (Monday, February 12) by my supportive partner, Smack. Every dose thereafter will be given on the same day and time increasing to .50 after week four. I awoke this morning marathon-ready with an extreme burst of energy and in good spirits definitely a difference from my usual groggy start. I'll take it! Can't wait to weigh in and share my results on Sunday at 6pmish during the Relationships Aren't Easy live stream.

I'm excited and pray my journey is informative.

Thanks for reading,

Peirrce “Peach”

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