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Busy! Busy!

Hey! I hit the ground running this New Year, exhausted but fulfilled. As stated in earlier blogs, I'm building an online boutique for feminine energies which requires a lot of research and planning. So far, I’ve created a business plan, a yearly calendar with quarterly goals, and figured out my brand name, Peeaach Boutique. The website and Wine Down pop-up brunch will launch on April 6. Yass, the wine and wine-created beverages will be flowing. Free Peeaach Boutique merchandise will be available during the first hour of the event and a possible fashion show. Oh, I’m excited!

It’s time for a casting call!! Would you like to be on my website or participate in a fashion show? In the spirit of inclusivity, I'd like a diverse selection of models varying in size, age, orientation, and identity to represent my brand. Maybe 3-4 models, the clothing sizes range between 8-20. I think I'm going to schedule a photo shoot for February. I told you I'm busy.

To keep up with everything Peach, I suggest you subscribe to my personal website with my featured blog. By clicking my digital business card link below, you'll have access to multiple ways to connect and follow me. Feel free to email me if you’re interested in becoming a model or networking in general;

Thanks for following my journey,

Peach 🍑

Digital Business Card Link:

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