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Taking a step towards my dreams ❤️

I've taken small steps toward my goal of owning a boutique since the beginning of 2024. So far, I've secured my business license, created my online presence, currently developing an app and decided to rent space in Maryland for in-person shopping. As for the pop-up in April, I'm unsure if I should proceed or reschedule. It's amazing how many opportunities have dropped in my lap. Don't worry, wisdom keeps me level headed enough to ensure my time and money isn't completely invested in this venture. So, Consignment and web-based solutions are the best options for now.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the beginning stages of Peeaach Boutique. More merch will be hung by weeks end and the app is in the testing stages. If you'd like to receive alerts on products and events visit my website and subscribe: www.Peeaach.Boutique

Thanks for stopping by,

Peirrce “Peach” Mccoy

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