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My thoughts on the Color Purple!! (Sneak Peeks in Blog!!)

Fantasia killed it. Oprah was wise to cast her as Mrs. Celie; her looks, mannerisms, and poise mirrored Whoopie Goldberg’s 1985 version. Coleman Domingo was excellent. Taraji's subpar acting and singing were tolerable. The other characters; Mrs. Milly, Harpo, and Sophie weren't as captivating. Overall, I rate the movie a 5-6 without Fantasia a one.

Would I recommend the Color Purple Movie? Yes!! I found the inspiration!! Mrs. Celie's steadfastness won God's favor in the end. This movie has always been a Cinderella fairytale for adults. You know how the story ends!!

Also, Boosie LGBTQ ass over exaggerated the relationship between Celie and Shug. 😂

Anyway, I snapped a few photos for your viewing pleasure! Let me know your thoughts in the comments,

Remember to always find the inspiration,


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