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Celebrating Feminine Energy

Thank you for reading my blog! My name is Peirrce M. better known as Peach, Executive Director and Founder of I Am Me Inc (LGBTQ+) and House of Peach (Women's Empowerment) nonprofits. I've also functioned publicly as a vendor, promoter, and content creator. During the streaming of Relationships Aren't Easy (viewable on my Peach Ent channel on YouTube), I announced the opening of my brand, Peeaach Boutique, celebrating the beauty of feminine energy (catchy phrase for straight understanding). Clip of announcement above…

My belief is feminine energy exudes in all shapes, sizes, orientations, identities, and genders beautifully and should be considered the norm. A sexy woman in a dress, a man, a nonbinary person, what's the difference? Too bad the world doesn't agree, the joy of shopping is extinguished by societal beliefs about gender and gender expression. I don't like it! I don't accept it! So, I created Peeaach Boutique.

Peeaach Boutique, tentatively launching in April 2024, will offer both an on and offline all-inclusive safe space shopping experience for all. My mission is to blend popup with a fun day out amongst friends serving wine-based drinks coupled with brunch. A fabulous way to foster new relationships through our favorite pastime shopping. Interested?! Currently, the Peeaach Boutique team is curating pop-up launches in the states of Delaware, North Carolina, and Atlanta; hopefully, more will jump on board.

Who's my ideal customer? Anyone who believes in clothing equality for all! If you're interested in attending, vending, or becoming a partner, all links are on my website peeaach. boutique. If you enjoyed this blog and/or are interested in everything Peach, my website is Peach. Ceo. Subscribing is the easiest way to stay in the know with all of my events and news.

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