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Creators Create!!

In life, I have been through a lot. Those experiences help me to be more creative, flexible and durable. Business Owners need personal fortitude before you can create in the world. It’s a god like experience to take thoughts and bring them forth outside yourself, true Manifestation!! So, I’m adding to the Peach Ent. brand; an accessories business called P-Originals. The Launch was supposed to occur last March 2020 but I allowed Covid to slow my process. Im grateful!! 2020 became a self re-discovery year.

Creators Create!! Successfully; Plug Studio Network was born out of my stagnation which at the time made more sense then P-Originals. Peach Radio was already developed; so, why not improve on what works. My intended goal was to enhance my streaming capabilities for my livestreams then Boom; A Media Streaming Company was born Plug Studio Network. Manifestion!! We‘re growing at a steady rate offering streaming, marketing, business opportunities, etc. Creators Create!! P-Originals will be another added extension to the Peach Ent. brand that budded from my thoughts. I have no doubts about my success. Manifesting requires belief in the unseen.

I’ll say it again Creators Create regardless of the obstacles!! The timing may not be right doesn’t make your idea wrong; it could be the catalyst to another successful idea. Don’t let the lack of support or the vindictive actions of stop you; i recently had my Facebook page reported and permanently deactivated. I’m pushing forward never stopping. It’s time for diversity in marketing and finding another social media path. I’m excited about my journey. I hope you tune into Peach Radio Show for the dets on all the Peach Ent Brands.

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